Staff Profile: Victoria Kingswood – Lecturer in Health and Social Care

Staff Profile: Victoria Kingswood – Lecturer in Health and Social Care

With over two decades of dedicated service in the healthcare industry, Victoria is an experienced professional with a passion for teaching and a commitment to lifelong learning. Her diverse career history covers roles in various health and social care settings, where she has provided invaluable support to individuals with learning difficulties and served as a nurse.

Throughout her career, Victoria has continued to work and study, recognising the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. She passionately believes that keeping up to date of changes and advancements is crucial in a sector that constantly evolves. This commitment and passion led her to volunteer for the NHS during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Victoria not only trained to administer vaccines but also played a vital role in the volunteer response team, delivering essential prescriptions and food parcels to those in need.

Victoria’s career took a turn from working in industry to teaching when she had the opportunity to instruct anatomy at a clinic she was working at the time. Her passion for education grew, and she found herself captivated by the process of imparting knowledge to aspiring healthcare professionals. Joining Tyne Met College in 2015, she has been an integral part of the team, teaching courses that emphasise not only theoretical knowledge, but also the practical skills essential for success in health and social care.

One of the highlights of Victoria’s teaching career is witnessing the success of her students. From her first cohort in 2015, she takes immense pride in the achievements of her former students, with some now serving as registered nurses, children’s nurses, mental health nurses, and even a ward sister. This priceless impact on the lives and careers of her students is what makes her role truly rewarding.

Victoria’s love for health and social care stems from the continued need for skilled professionals, especially in adult social care. She acknowledges that a career in this field is not for everyone but emphasises the importance of specific skills, including empathy, dignity, and respect, which are core elements of the Health and Social Care courses offered at Tyne Met College.

As a lecturer, Victoria plays a crucial role in delivering the new Higher Technical Qualification and T Levels in Health and Social Care at the college. These employer-led programmes focus on practical skills and experience, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and real-world application. Victoria’s unique skill set allows her to not only teach the vocational aspects of health and social care, but also to impart essential maths and English skills to her students which she believes are critical skills that all healthcare professions should have.

Victoria’s dedication, wealth of experience, and passion for teaching make her an invaluable asset to Tyne Met College’s Health and Social Care department. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, shaping the future of healthcare professionals and contributing to the overall excellence of the college’s programmes.

For more information about our Health and Social Care HTQ starting this September, click here.

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