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When leaving school and heading to college, finding the right course isn’t always easy. That’s why we create personalised study programmes to give you the support you need at every step of your college journey to reach your end goal.

Study programmes


Our School Liaison Team can help you make the right choice and support you during the transition from school to college, as they provide services, as well as advice and guidance on the likes of:

  • Life after year 11-13
  • CEIAG (Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance)
  • Course information
  • Application forms
  • Careers
  • Careers guidance
  • College interviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Employability skills
  • Extra college opportunities
  • University and higher education
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Here’s five tips from our experts to help you find your next steps.

1. What do you enjoy?

Make a list of subjects, activities or hobbies you love to do. Are there any links between your answers and course areas?

2. What do you not enjoy?

Instead of looking at what courses interest you, look at our courses and cross off what you’re definitely NOT interested in. What’s left? Research the subjects and see if anything jumps out at you. 

3. Chat to friends and family

Ask about other people’s careers and job roles. Your auntie might be a Nurse or your uncle might be an Engineer, but do you know what they specialise in? What qualifications do they have? You never know where these conversations might lead you.

4. Do your research

We recommend doing your research online for the most up-to-date information. Here’s some of our favourite career resources:

Search for jobs and it’ll show the career, other linked careers, qualifications needed to progress to college/sixth form, and if you need an apprenticeship, university degree or both to get into this career. It also looks at Labour Market Information (LMI) to see how likely you are to get a job afterwards.

The National Careers Service gives information on all careers and jobs. You can do a 5-10-minute assessment, which will give you a list of careers and jobs they think suit you best.

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UCAS not only gives information on university degrees and support for university applications, it also gives general careers advice. This could be helpful if you’re thinking of going to university after your college course.

5. I want to take an apprenticeship, do I need a backup plan?

The money, job opportunities and industry training is what makes apprenticeship courses so appealing, which means lots of people like you will be applying for an apprenticeship too. Although you could be the best candidate for the job, you might just miss out. That’s why having a college course as a backup plan is always the best idea. If you’ve been looking at an apprenticeship in engineering, also apply for our Engineering course. If you’ve been looking at an apprenticeship in a care home, also apply for our Health and Social Care course. Then, if you get the apprenticeship, that’s fantastic! You can just turn down the college course.

Register now for apprenticeship vacancies in your chosen area and set alerts so you can see new jobs.


If you’re already studying with us, you’ll enjoy an exciting and jam-packed careers programme designed to support you with your next steps.

Whether it’s straight to employment, Higher Education or an apprenticeship, our team have planned a range of events, workshops and 1-1 support to guide you towards your future goals.

If you some advice on your future plans, speak to our Student Services team about careers, courses, training and finances.


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