Tyne Coast College offers a new and exciting vision for education and training in the North East. Our diverse and innovative vocationally-driven curriculum, close links to employers and ambition to deliver outstanding provision, puts students on a clear course to academic attainment and career success.

Created from a merger of South Tyneside College and Tyne Metropolitan College, our programmes meet the skills needs of this region and strongly support economic growth and prosperity. We cut across geographical boundaries, and our guiding vision – to provide education that is outstanding – creates opportunity for all to succeed, personally and professionally.

Working from key campuses and locations, we offer students an almost unlimited range of vocational and technical qualifications, as well as an outstanding framework of A levels and sports opportunities.

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Incorporating the former South Tyneside and Tyne Metropolitan colleges, our key brands also include South Shields Marine School, recognised as one of the worlds foremost maritime training centres, and Queen Alexandra Campus, which specialises in A level provision.


Our mission, vision and values drive our delivery of first-class provision and show a clear commitment of support to all students equally.

With a mission to provide outstanding educational opportunities, we will benefit learners and the communities we serve. Doing so will satisfy our vision to grow further as a world-class educational facility, operating with a focus that develops the potential of all.

Following these paths will allow us to play a key role in ensuring the long-term prosperity of our region, through the creation of skills that drive economic growth.


Our values are clear:

  • We believe in being a strong community presence
  • We believe every student should achieve their potential
  • We value professionalism, commitment, and excellence in our staff
  • We believe the needs of employers should shape our curriculum
  • We will make a significant positive impact on the local, regional and national economy
  • We welcome and include everyone in our community and value individuality and diversity
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As well as South Tyneside and Tyne Metropolitan College, Tyne Coast College also includes South Shields Marine School, recognised as one of the world’s leading maritime training centres, and Queen Alexandra, which specialises in A-level provision.

Other specialist support we offer is Career College North East, a pioneering programme for 14 to 16-year-olds to learn Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, Computer Science or Marine; TMC Campus, a specialist in Construction crafts; IGNITE Centre for Engineering & Innovation; the Marine and Offshore Safety Training Centre (MOST), a UK-leading offshore training facility; and Creative Studios, which has state-of-the-art equipment and expert teaching in Fine Art, Drama and Theatre Studies, Film Studies, Graphic Design, Media, Photography, and Fashion and Textiles.

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