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As part of Tyne Coast College, Tyne Metropolitan College offers vocational-based part-time and full-time courses, as well as a number of higher education pathways.

With a superb curriculum and support system in place, we give high-quality, employment-focused teaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and collaborate with employers to help students reach their end goal and create positive changes in the world around us.

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Mission and Vision

The mission of Tyne Coast College is to offer outstanding and equal educational opportunities to our learners and communities. Doing this will drive our vision to become a group of world-class educational facilities, dedicated to developing everyone’s potential.


  • We believe in being a strong community presence.
  • We believe every student should achieve their potential.
  • We value professionalism, commitment, and excellence in our staff.
  • We believe the needs of employers should shape our curriculum.
  • We work to make a significant positive impact on the local, regional and national economy.
  • We welcome and include everyone in our community, and value individuality and diversity.
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Our mission is to provide outstanding and equal educational opportunities to the learners and communities we serve. Doing so will satisfy our vision to become a world-class educational facility, dedicated to developing the potential of all.

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