Why I’m choosing to progress onto a Level 3 Sports apprenticeship

I have just finished my level 2 Sports Coaching apprenticeship and am beginning my level 3 qualifications, which I hope will help me further progress within the sports industry. Before I started my apprenticeship with Tynemet I worked in various different trades including Joinery, Warehousing, Construction and Customer Service. I eventually decided to start a sports apprenticeship, as I really enjoyed Sports at college and throughout my high school career.

In my opinion an apprenticeship is a great way to get into an industry, as it is an opportunity to meet new people and build contacts for the future. On a typical day I usually organise the equipment I am going to need for the day. I then teach a range of sports sessions including Volleyball, Dance mats, Golf, Basketball, Table Tennis, Football, Dodgeball and Badminton. I also manage an enrichment programme called Move it Fun and Fit, I thoroughly enjoy coaching this session as the clients are so energetic.

I also enjoy coaching students with special needs and extra requirements, as I feel it is beneficial to them. I also appreciate the chance my apprenticeship gives me to liaison with the staff around college, as I really do feel like a valued member of the team. I also have my apprenticeship to thank for the volunteering opportunities which have arose for me outside of work, as this has only further developed my skills.

For anyone that is interested in an apprenticeship I would recommend it, as it is a great way learn and gain new experiences of what you can expect in the future. I have also found the workload to be well organised, as I can usually fit it in around my working schedule and my tutor is   very helpful and always provides me with the right tools to complete my assignments.







Published: 26-05-2017