5 Reasons to Become an Apprentice Teaching Assistant

1. Role Reversal

One huge difference about being in a school environment for me was for the first time I wasn’t classed as a student but as part of the teaching staff. This is a role which I enjoy greatly, as I am passing my knowledge onto the future generation, something which is not only highly rewarding but daunting at times too!

2. No two days are the same

Working in the classroom with children, on subjects from maths and English to science and RE, is never the same. You are challenged with the varying degrees of their levels of understanding for each topic, being faced with questions (which can sometimes even baffle me as to where on earth they have even thought of that idea!) and last but not least their working out, ideas, and interpretations of what they are being taught.

3. Being classed as an ‘adult’

My first experience of this was being called ‘Miss Gibson’ something which has never happened before, and was not only very surreal but heart-warming. It’s amazing that the kids see me, even with only being 19, an adult role model in school, who is even asked to ‘dab’ every Friday. Even being five months into my apprenticeship at times I am still overwhelmed by the significance of what I am doing within the school.

4. Balancing school life with college work

This for me was one thing which I thought I was going to find difficult beginning my apprenticeship. I thought that finding the time to fit in my college work with working in the school would be a challenge. However so far I seem to be balancing this right as I can easily transfer what I do in the school setting to help with pieces of college units.

5. Overall Enjoyment

The overall experience, although it seems like it has only just begun, has made me realise that education is the profession which I want to pursue. For me I have great job satisfaction as I know that I am not only contributing to the children academically but to them learning and becoming happy, gracious and overall decent human beings.

Published: 06-03-2017