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My Siemens Apprenticeship

Published: 14-07-2017

I had always thought about the prospect of becoming a wind turbine technician but being 26 I had near on ruled out any training or apprenticeship opportunity! Then an opportunity came round when Siemens were recruiting for summer 2016, there was no age restrictions which would suit me! This would be a four year apprenticeship, studying in Newcastle for two years then working offshore for the foreseeable but during this time becoming competent and being signed off would make you a wind turbine technician! Perfect!!



The life of a Siemens Apprentice

Published: 30-06-2017

My name is John Marshall I am 20 years old and currently a Maintenance Wind Power Technician Apprentice and working towards a NVQ level 3, in my first year of training. I work for a company called Siemens; if you don’t know who they are you won’t probably find this blog interesting (only joking), but they are the leading force behind many engineering sectors, especially in my area of work, renewable energy. Before I was lucky enough to work for Siemens I was basically what’s known in the trade as a ‘General Dogs Body’, if you are not aware what this saying means, or even think I was some type of vet, I shall elaborate with a delightful caveat.



Constructionarium North East 2017

Published: 23-06-2017

I am a Business Administration apprentice working for Tynemet College. I have had the opportunity to get involved in the Constructionarium North East 2017 Project over the last two weeks. I often get asked the question “what does a Business Admin Apprentice do?” and I feel that by blogging about this last week, I will be able to give anyone interested in an Administration apprenticeship, an insight into the role.  Before I go on to talk more about my experience of being on the support team for the project, I am going to tell you more about Constructionarium.



Why I’m choosing to progress onto a Level 3 Sports apprenticeship

Published: 26-05-2017

Ryan a Level 3 Sports Coaching apprentice shares his personal journey as an apprentice progressing from a level 2.



The Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2017

Published: 23-05-2017

What is the Brathay Challenge?  

The Brathay Apprentice Challenge (#BAC17) is the search for the apprentice team of the year. It is a national challenge where apprentices across the country compete in a challenge to promote apprenticeships. Our team consists of nine apprentices who work in different industries:

Dhaiya –Business Admin Apprentice

Ellen –Teaching Assistant Apprentice

Tyler –Football Coaching Apprentice

Liam –Coaching Apprentice

Lewis –Business Admin Apprentice

Nathan –Electrotechnical Apprentice

Cameron - Electrotechnical Apprentice

Jess –Beauty Apprentice

Ethan - IT Apprentice

Read more to find out what our team has been doing throughout the challenge and how it has benefitted us.



Why I choose a sports apprenticeship?

Published: 12-05-2017

Lewis tells us about why he choose to do a Sports apprenticeship at Tynemet


What happens when your a sports coaching apprentice?

Published: 29-03-2017

Liam tells us all about his initial thoughts on apprenticeships and about how he is finding his role as a sports coaching apprentice.


Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

Published: 10-03-2017

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of National Apprenticeship Week, the Tynemet Apprenticeship team have been shouting about apprenticeships at events every day this week.

On Monday we hosted an Apprenticeship Levy event where the fantastic Gillian Miller shared all her knowledge about the upcoming levy with employers. This was a great success and I believe it really gave employers the opportunity to understand apprenticeships and ask any burning questions they had about the upcoming changes.

On Tuesday we hosted an Apprenticeship fair here at the college. We had arranged for 10 apprentices from different fields to come into college and talk about their daily lives. This gave the full time and part time students at the college an opportunity to meet apprentices and get a better understanding as to what apprenticeships are and the benefits of them. We also had a few drop in visitors, who were interested in finding out more about apprenticeships.

On Wednesday we were invited down to the Quorum Business Park, where they were hosting the Showbiz event. The guest speakers Penny Halsam and David Hyner gave absolutely fantastic motivational advice, which was very inspirational! We were also given a stand which gave us the chance to promote apprenticeships to the businesses who had been invited. We also had the opportunity to network at lunch time and share the benefits of taking on an apprentice with other employers and people were very interested.

On Thursday we were invited to Whitley Bay High School to talk to a small group of year 11 students. I think this was a great opportunity for the youngsters as they were able to see the other options available to them, other than staying on at sixth form. They were certainly full of questions about apprenticeships and I believe they had a better understanding of the benefits an apprenticeship could give them.



The life of a Sports Apprentice

Published: 09-03-2017

I came into my apprenticeship with all the necessary qualifications to work in a gym (level 2 gym instructor, level 3 personal trainer) and I thought that Tynemet would have nothing to offer me however, after sitting down with one of the tutors I seen that there are other qualifications you can do around the gym and I was enrolled on to the level 3 Leisure Management course. Alongside this qualification they also offered me other side qualifications to boost my CV such as level 2 Spinning.



An Introduction to the world of a Business Administration Apprentice

Published: 08-03-2017

This is the first career path I was completely sure about, which is why I chose the Business Admin Apprenticeship. I saw it as an excellent opportunity and actually felt extremely lucky to have been accepted to the role, and genuinely want to do my best at the job. I am learning along the way, and it is understood that we may make mistakes, but overall we are treated as integral parts of our team and are continuously motivated and encouraged to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. It is hands on experience, where I have learnt all about a business and how it works, as well as gaining qualifications alongside and learning what full time work is like. I have learnt so much, even something as simple as working in a team, organization, time management/prioritizing and dealing with customers are skills that will set me up for life, whichever path I choose.



My first three weeks as a Sports Apprentice

Published: 07-03-2017

I came across a job advertisement on the Tynemet website for a Health and Fitness Apprenticeship and it sounded like the perfect opportunity for me, unlike other apprenticeship providers Tynemet were seeking someone who preferably already had their Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. I received an invitation for an interview and got an offer of employment later that same day!



5 Reasons to Become an Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Published: 06-03-2017

I became an apprentice teaching assistant in October, I have come up with my top five tips that can hopefully help anyone unsure of this pathway. 



National Apprenticeship Week

Published: 06-03-2017

It is National Apprenticeship Week and to celebrate we will be uploading a range of blogs every day to give you an insight into the life of an apprentice. We wll also be partaking in a number of diffrent events throughout the week, both internally and externally.

Which I will be blogging abbout on Friday!



A Day in the Life of a Beauty Apprentice

Published: 01-02-2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Beauty Apprentice? Well I have. I’m Lily Cairns an 18 year old, from little old Blyth. I am currently doing my Level 3 Beauty Apprenticeship. I have been working in a salon giving Level 2 treatments up to a high standard for two and a half years.  On a typical day I’m normally fully booked with my clientele, who are very good to me and are lovely. I love doing clientele treatments.


Why I chose an Apprenticeship over University

Published: 19-01-2017

Like most college students I had no idea what I wanted to do after I had finished studying for my A-levels. It seemed like my only option was to go to university, this certainly seemed to be the norm with my peers. So I applied to study Law Programmes and started an LLB Law course at the University of Sunderland in September 2014.

I still had no idea which field I wanted to go into after my first year and the enormous work load left me feeling thoroughly distressed. I had already acquired a debt of £14,000 in student loans, with no clear career prospects. I therefore decided to take a gap year travelling and doing voluntary work whilst I reviewed my options; one option which appealed to me was an Apprenticeship.

An Apprenticeship appealed to me because it is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and a nationally recognised qualification, whilst earning money. This is a fabulous concept as for the first time I would be getting paid to learn. I would also get the opportunity to see if I enjoyed a trade before qualifying in it. I then started to research Apprenticeships; I found out that there are many different levels of Apprenticeships such as:

Intermediate level Apprenticeship –This is equivalent to five GCSE passes

Advanced level Apprenticeship –This is equivalent to two A-level passes

Higher Apprenticeship – This is equivalent to NVQ level 4 and above, or a Foundation Degree

Degree Apprenticeship – This can lead to an Undergraduate Degree




6 Reasons why an Apprenticeship could benefit you

Published: 19-01-2017

1 Practical and relevant experience

An apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to gain practical, on the job experience, allowing you to develop your skills to a specific trade.


2 Earn while you learn and gain a nationally recognised qualification intermediate

An apprenticeship also allows you to earn money whilst you gain your nationally recognised qualifications rather than having to pay extensive tuition fees whilst you learn with no clear job prospects.