Students studying Public Services at TyneMet College have some new opportunities to learn about their field, thanks to international manufacturer SafeGuard Clothing. Thanks to the brand’s donation of one of its innovative body armour carriers, students will be introduced to the protective technology that lightweight materials provide.

This donation was the latest in a series stretching back more than several years since SafeGuard Clothing started collaborating with colleges in the counter to help train the next generation of Public and Uniformed Services operatives.

Currently, there’s a crisis associated with the rampant crime rate in the UK and serious implications for the wellbeing and lives of the law enforcement and security services who deal with violent criminals, terrorist attacks and other threats to national and civilian safety.

SafeGuard Clothing Communications Manager Thomas Bowman, said the company now has partnerships with over 40 colleges across the country, and TyneMet College is now the latest to receive body armour equipment from the company.

“Being familiar with body armour will open lots of doors for students,” said Thomas Bowman. “Public safety is a great concern and topic of interest. And Public Services students need the practical experience and training to operate such protective equipment. This is what we’re aiming for with this initiative.”

Back in the classroom, teachers at TyneMet College will give the students an introduction to how body armour systems work and the ways they counter different threats.

“We believe that all students should have access to premium bullet and stab proof vests whilst studying Public Services. We are pleased to donate such equipment to colleges like TyneMet College in order to help students prepare adequately for the line of work they have chosen” Thomas commented.

This will give students deeper understanding of the working mechanics of bullet proof vests. As a direct result – the learning experience will also be improved. SafeGuard’s bulletproof vest will be used for role play and technical analysis to improve the quality of the Public Service programme and educational practices at TyneMet College.