We are always looking at ways to improve your learning experience and there are a number of channels through which you can let the College know of any requests that you have to make your time at college easier or more productive.

We highly value student feedback and conduct surveys, focus groups and also offer individuals the opportunity to join the Student Council or become a member of the College’s governing body, to share the voice of the student community.

If you are a current student and would like to offer us some feedback or complain, please speak to your tutor. If you are a prospective student please contact the Gateway Team on

Complaints procedure for students studying University of Sunderland programmes at TyneMet College

If you wish to make a complaint, you must use the TyneMet complaints procedure. Complaints about issues not relevant to the University’s provision, including non academic matters, will be managed solely by the College.

Unresolved complaints about services provided by the College (that are relevant to the University’s provision) may be referred to the University once the College’s complaints procedure has been fully exhausted. Any such complaints would then enter the University’s complaints procedure at Stage 2: Complaint Review. The purpose of the Review is not to reinvestigate a complaint but to ensure that procedures were followed at the initial investigation stage. If the service is provided directly by the University, then the University’s Student Complaints Procedure should be used from the outset.

You can download the College complaints procedure here.