TyneMet & QA Adults Guide to Fees and Financial Support

The College receives money from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) to provide discretionary support to students facing financial hardship. The support is allocated to those students with specific financial need that could prevent them from studying.

Who’s eligible?

  • Any student attending full or part time Further Education funded courses can apply. It is intended for expenses not covered by other sources.
  • All applications are means tested.
  • If your household income, including benefits is below £25,000 you may be eligible for support.
  • If your income exceeds £25,000 and you can show you are in financial hardship which could impact on your attendance at college, please complete the TyneMet/QA Support Funding application form. You will need to provide a covering letter explaining your circumstances and supporting evidence along with the application form. This will be assessed by the Appeals Panel.

Please note if you are studying a course at level 3 or above and are over 24 years you will not be eligible for this fund. Please refer to 24+ Advanced Learning Loans Bursary Fund section in this leaflet for further information.

What can you receive financial support for?

If you are eligible, you can receive help with:

  • Travel
  • Essential course related equipment, materials, trips etc. (without which you could not complete your course)
  • Lunches
  • Financial hardship and emergencies

Child Care

Students up to the age of 20 are able to apply for funding through the Care to Learn Scheme. Information relating to the scheme is available at https://www.gov.uk/care-to-learn/overview

All other students may apply to the College for support with childcare costs. Please collect a Childcare application form from the Gateway.


Full time students aged 19 years and over at 31st August 2015 are entitled to help with lunch costs if they have a household income of less than £25,000. This may be in the form of a lunch card, depending upon your place of study.


Students can apply for assistance towards travel. Applications will be means tested and students must live more than 3 miles from College in order to be eligible. You are required to provide evidence of the cost for a return journey should you be travelling on public transport. Should you drive yourself to college you will be required to provide vehicle insurance documentation in your name or with you as a named driver.

  • Complete a TyneMet/QA Support Funding application form giving evidence of household income. All applications are means tested.
  • Full time student – you may be entitled to a travel pass or reimbursement of mileage. If you are awarded a travel pass you will be required to pay a £30 contribution per term and also provide a passport photograph.
  • Part time – reimbursement of travel costs

Where possible, learners who are given travel support will be issued with a Network One Travel pass. The college WILL NOT issue a replacement or take any responsibility for lost tickets (see additional leaflets issued with your pass) therefore students are strongly advised to insure their travel tickets with Network Ticketing.


All students are entitled to apply for help with essential costs related to their programme of study, as identified by the curriculum departments i.e. kits, uniforms etc without which they could not compete their course. Eligible learners will receive 50% towards the cost of this equipment/kit. All students are entitled to apply for help with trips that are part of their programme of study, and University visits (maximum of 3 visits) or interviews.


Fees should not be a barrier to learning. Any learner who does not meet the required fee remission criteria (with the exception of 24+ Loan, Full Cost and Higher Education learners) can apply for support towards the cost of their fees. Students will be required to provide evidence of the household income along with a fees/financial support application form which is available from the Gateway. The level of support is determined by your household income and you will be notified in writing of the outcome.

24+ Advanced Learning Loans Bursary Fund 2015/16

The 24+ Advanced Learning Loans Bursary Fund is to support students who have had a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan approved by the Students Loan Company for a level 3 course and who also have a household income of less than £25,000.

The fund is used to support students with travelling expenses, childcare, additional learning support (ALS) and cases of extreme hardship. ALS support will be determined by the Additional Support team within the College, this can include classroom support, learning resources or any other necessary support.

Emergency Payments

In cases of exceptional hardship, or where emergency help is required, support may be arranged by the Student Finance Advisor to reflect the individual needs of the student. In these circumstances please call into the Gateway for further assistance.


If you are successful with your TyneMet/QA Support Funding application you will be informed in writing as to when the payment will be made. Where possible awards will be made in kind, for example, lunches, travel costs etc.

Application Forms

You can pick up a TyneMet/QA Support Funding application form from The Gateway at either Coast Road Campus or Queen Alexandra Campus or Reception at TMC.

Conditions of Payment

The fund aims to promote the good attendance, achievement and behaviour of students on courses. An award will not be made until the student is enrolled and is attending his/her course.

The College reserves the right to cancel any TyneMet/QA Support Funding payment(s) if the student’s attendance falls below 90% or if the student’s academic achievement or behaviour falls below an acceptable standard.

Any change in circumstances and/or change of address must be notified to The Gateway as soon as possible or payment(s) may be withheld.

The College receives limited funding and therefore all support is subject to funding being available. The College prioritises travel and lunch support over other types of support available.

Do you require further information?

Please go to The Gateway at the Coast Road Campus or Queen Alexandra Campus or Reception at TMC to talk to a Student Advisor. If you need to discuss your financial circumstances in more detail, contact the Gateway on (0191) 229 5000, option 2 – one to one appointments can be made with a Student Finance Advisor if required.

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