As the first time the competition has taken place in the UK, the atmosphere was tense and exciting at Hewlett Packard’s office in Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside, for the HP CodeWars 2015 with both students remarking how incredible it was to see so many talented coders in one place.

Joe Best, who is studying a Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT at TyneMet College said: “The competition was really intense, there were 21 problems to solve and we had to work quickly but logically to correctly solve the tasks – although I was a little nervous, adrenalin kicked in. When TyneMet were announced the winners I was shocked but really proud of what we had achieved.”

Alongside the top prize, students had the chance to win lots of exciting rewards such as laptops, scanners, printers, software, and accessories.

Claire Davidson, Pastoral Tutor at TyneMet College, said: “I’m so proud of the boys for what they have achieved; they took the competition in their stride and were very professional throughout. It’s an amazing result for Joe and Adam who have now been offered internships with Hewlett Packard – an amazing prize and one that gives the students a great start in their IT careers. The competition provides the IT industry with a chance to showcase the wide range of exciting careers available in IT.”

It was the first time the programming event has been organised in the UK since its 1999 Houston launch, having since been held at cities across the USA and in far-flung locations like Taiwan, India and Barcelona.

With a passion for computing since he was a child, Adam Johansen said: “I really enjoy unravelling coding – it was an honour to compete in the HP CodeWars competition, it’s such a prestigious competition – regionally, nationally and internationally, so I’m thrilled.  When Joe and I got back to the classroom everyone cheered, which was really nice of the class and a proud moment. I’m really looking forward to learning more about coding and computing and embarking on a career in IT.”

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