A TyneMet student come ice-skater competed at the British Championships at the end of last year.

Emily Gibson, 16, from Whitley Bay, has been ice skating from a very young age and has followed her passion ever since, hoping to follow in the footsteps of Tynesiders Matthew Parr and David Richardson who both became British champions after starting their careers on ice at Whitley Bay.

David Richardson, former British champion and Emily's coach, said: "I began working full-time with Emily in February of 2016. I immediately knew that she was a very hardworking athlete, with a clear vision of what she wants to achieve.

"Emily has worked exceptionally hard, not once refusing to carry out any work I have set, despite how gruelling it has been. She is an inspiration for the younger skaters in our rink and I am thrilled her dedication has been rewarded with a fantastic result at the National Championships."

In October, Emily competed in the Oxford open ice skating competition and finished second with her personal best score of 59.46 which led her to qualifying for the British Championships.

Emily trains morning and evening, and during her training sessions she practices technique based exercises, endurance and interval training and performs numerous repetitions of set skills in order for her to perfect specific elements to fulfil the criteria at competitions.

David went on to say: "This year will see Emily take on more challenges in the shape of international competition. It is fantastic that the North-East have such a role-model representing them, not only on a national scale, but on a global scale now too, and I look forward to what 2017 has to offer Emily!"

It is during the British Championships that Emily secured the points to join team GB's Talent Potential Squad, resulting in her attending an international event in Holland later this year, as well as securing her own personal best score.