One of the most dramatic changes to happen within industry was the invention of Computer aided manufacturing; which now plays an integral part of modern manufacturing. Allowing manufacturers to produce products to a level of precision never seen before, most items used on a daily basis in the common household have all been created by CAD systems. Educating people on this fascinating and ever evolving technology, Gary Eiles, STEM Engineering specialist at TyneMet visited Wallsend Jubilee pupils to present a moving mechanism workshop, exploring CAD and its inventions.

Year 6 Wallsend Jubilee pupils discovered the marvel of Computer Aided Manufacturing in a moving mechanisms workshop, provided by TyneMet.  Pupils worked together to design, build and create moving cars using the theory of CAD, encouraging the class to think methodically and analytically.  Gary Eiles, STEM Engineering specialist at TyneMet has worked on numerous projects with Wallsend Jubilee including a KNEX Bridge building exercise said: “STEM subjects provide a new dimension to learning and truly capture the imagination of children, what is possible and what can be created through engineering concepts, is a world of discovery, I’ll be interested to see how the moving vehicles look and operate when complete.”.

The workshop designed to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers provided a fascinating understanding of moving mechanisms, extending learning through the participation; Gemma Robson, Year 6 Teacher at Wallsend Jubilee said; “As a Primary Engineer School we are always looking for ways to elevate learning through technology, Gary’s workshops provide the children with a fantastic understanding of a complex subject area.  The children applied scientific and mathematical skills in a fun and innovative way, and were completely engaged during the whole workshop, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!”

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