A North Tyneside College is the driving force behind tailored training programmes offering training solutions that benefit businesses and their employees.

Tyne Metropolitan College is leading the drive to encourage employers to empower their workforce with bespoke training and apprenticeships. TyneMet offers business support through high quality tailored training programmes, apprenticeships, practical advice to identify and fill skills gaps and planning for future workforce requirements.

The College works with hundreds of small and large organisations to deliver cost effective training solutions across Newcastle, the North East and the UK with an extensive range of short and long courses. All of these training courses can be adapted to meet the specific needs of a particular group or department within the business, or to focus upon a specific issue in order to reach operational objectives by linking training directly to the company's strategy.

Audrey Kingham, Deputy Principal of Curriculum and Business Development, envisions that bespoke training and apprenticeships are key drivers for future economic growth.

"As a college boasting unique resources and broad industry-specific skills sets, we have always played a key role within the business community," she said. "The resurgence in apprenticeships highlights employer demand for a sustainable, skilled workforce - TyneMet is proud of the special relationship we enjoy with local businesses - a bond which benefits both individuals and their employers."

TyneMet offer over 40 different types of relevant and high quality apprenticeships including higher level skills programmes at Levels 4 and 5 (equivalent of degree level study) - offering viable opportunities in numerous sectors from engineering to business administration aimed at supporting wider economic growth.

Paul Smissen, Head of Business Development said: “As North Tyneside’s largest vocational provider, we have watched the market place transform over the years – our approach is to work with employers to design suitable bespoke training programmes which offer them an excellent route to nurturing talent, energising staff and shaping a workforce that works for them.”

He added:  “Many people think that apprenticeships mean you are just starting your career – but this is not always true. Employers are looking for ways to secure their existing and valued workforce, upskilling is an efficient and business friendly way to ensure they are meeting demands within industry with both existing and new talent – we’re working with employers who want to be in control of where their business is heading which in turn empowers employers and employees.”

Andrea Gibson, Learning and Development Consultant at Kier said:

“TyneMet College is an excellent training partner to work with and their Business Development team have the right attitude, approach and commitment to succeed with a range of individuals and teams to achieve success. If you are a business thinking about working with TyneMet and developing this type of package for your workforce – my response is simple … stop thinking and start doing!”

To find out more about cost effective training solutions, call 0191 229 5179, email business@tynemet.ac.uk or visit our dedicated employers’ website employers.tynemet.ac.uk