TyneMet students have been bag packing, bungee jumping, car booting, raffling and raising donations for the trip of their lifetime. Students will fly out to Mexico volunteering at an orphanage working with Save the Children Charity and Global Vision International.

All of the students were determined to succeed in their fundraising figure, with each student raising £1600 to secure their place on the trip, which will fly on July 12th.

Sophie Pattinson who is studying a Level 3 Childcare course at Tyne Metropolitan College said: “We have all worked so hard to fundraise as much as we can – we all really want to get to Mexico and help the children – I’m looking forward to caring for the children at the village school and organising games for them.  Me and my friends have organised and hosted charity events, we’ve also done bag packing in local supermarkets and the most challenging of all was a bungee jump, which was such an adrenalin rush! This opportunity means so much to me, not only do I want to give something back but I know it will help me gain the experience and skills that I can put on my CV.”

The students will be planning and delivering coaching and educational sessions for a wide-range of disadvantaged young Mexican orphans and disadvantaged children from all age groups and abilities. This experience will also aid the Save the Children Centre where students will be building resources and helping where required whilst staying in a very poor community in Mexico.

Kelly Vickers, who is studying a Level 3 Childcares course at Tyne Metropolitan College, said: “I’m really looking forward to the trip but I know it will be a humbling experience – we are used to so much luxury and take forgranted everyday items that make our western lives easier. I know this experience will open my eyes, it’s a once in a life time opportunity and I can’t wait it to get out to Mexico and support the children.”

As well as the Childcare department, students from Sport, Health & Social Care and Travel & Tourism have been fundraising to get to Mexico. 

Kris Harrison, who is studying Level 3 Sport, said: “Last year I went to Thailand to volunteer, it was a shock to see the poor conditions the children were so used to – it actually made me feel queasy about the amount of materialism we are used to when some people in certain parts of the world are struggling so much. The experience was really life changing and without coming to college I would never have had the opportunity to volunteer.  Going to Mexico is the next challenge – one day I hope to work abroad and volunteering is an excellent way of helping me do that.”

Taking part in the trip involves each student fundraising £1,600 and staff assisting the trip must also raise £3,500 altogether to travel. The students are running charity nights, bungee jumps, car washes, cake sales, non-uniform days and many other activities to help fund the trip. They are also putting on events for the local community and schools in order to help raise funds.

If you would like to donate and help our TyneMet students get to Mexico visit: gofundme.com/xaxx78