Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College in North Tyneside is delighted to announce that triple A* A Level students Mark Bal and Carlos Purves have both been accepted into the University of Cambridge.

Mark Bal received highly impressive results, with a triple A* result in Chemistry, Maths and Biology.  Mark has impressed teachers right from the start, demonstrating dedication, resilience and a productive attitude, which has seen Mark develop into an outstanding student.

Mark said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have been accepted into Cambridge, it was my first choice and I can’t wait to start at one of the UK’s most famous institutions!”

Mark will be reading natural sciences at Cambridge, he added: “I was shocked when I opened the envelope to reveal my results, it was a fantastic feeling. From an early age I have had an affinity with plant sciences that goes beyond interest - it’s a passion of mine, I can’t wait to begin my degree at Cambridge. I would certainly recommend anyone thinking of applying to Cambridge, to just go for it -  if you put in the work and you have the determination to succeed, anything is possible. The interview process at Cambridge was very detailed, for plant science it consisted of some problem solving and algebra, but the vast majority was absorbed by a passionate discussion about plants, insects and eco systems. I exited both interviews feeling as though I’d been gifted a rare opportunity to talk about a subject I love, I look forward to reading plant sciences at Cambridge. Queen Alexandra Sixth Form has fully prepared me for the next step, I feel confident and ready for the future.”

Mark recently competed in the annual British Biology Olympiad 2016 and was in the top 6.6% of of competitors, winning gold at the event. The competition seen over 7000 entries from A Level students across the country.

Queen Alexandra Sixth Form boasts another record year for results, with top A Level Student Carlos Purves receiving a triple A* result in Physics, Maths and Further Maths.  Carlos received an outstanding 600/600 marks, in his maths exam, which Queen Alex Maths Teacher, Alan Heslington had never seen before in the history of his teaching career. 

Carlos will be reading Computer Sciences at Cambridge and said: “ I was shocked but completely delighted when I received my results. There really is no secret to getting the grades you need for university, hard work and perseverance will help you to succeed. My time at Queen Alex has fully prepared me for this moment, the teaching is excellent and the support you receive is incredible. Being accepted at Cambridge was a wonderful feeling, from an early age I have always been interested in computing, I began coding at the age of nine and my interest continued to expand. Queen Alex has allowed me to pursue my interests in a fantastic setting, the opportunities have been incredible.”

Lee Patterson, Head of Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College said: “It is such a delight for the College to see two exceptional students achieve such incredible results. We are absolutely thrilled for Mark and Carlos who have truly dedicated themselves to their study in order to achieve their dreams of reading at Cambridge. I am confident that both Mark and Carlos will enjoy their time at Cambridge and I hope they leave Queen Alex with fond memories, fully prepared for university life.”