A Sport student at TyneMet College was recently praised by Paramedics when she had to respond to a real life first aid emergency situation.

Chloe McCormack, 17, from Walker, who is studying at TyneMet College on the Level 1 Sport and Active Leisure course, was in Newcastle town centre with friends when she noticed a lady who had collapsed in the street.

Chloe was aware that no one had gone to help the lady and without thinking went to see if she could be of assistance. She covered the lady with her coat, assessed her consciousness and then called the paramedics.
Chloe then stayed with the lady keeping her talking and conscious until the paramedics arrived.

The Paramedics praised Chloe for her quick thinking and actions. In class Chloe had recently studied units of her course which covered; responding appropriately to an emergency situation and identifying and reducing risks in an emergency situation.

Chloe said:

“I had no idea when we covered those units that I would have to put them in to practice in real life. The lady was lying at an awkward angle so I decided it would be too risky to move her but I knew that I would need to keep her warm and conscious until help arrived.

“Before starting this course I would never have had the confidence to get involved in a situation like this. Despite there being lots of people around I was the only one that went to help her.

“I just acted on instinct and the Paramedics said that I did all of the right things.”

Leigh-Anne Hargreaves, Sport Teacher, TyneMet College, said:

“Chloe has an exceptional 100% attendance and punctuality record, all of her work is handed in on time to a high standard. She has also recently been awarded the title of ‘Student of the Term’.

“I am pleased that she felt confident enough to take charge of the situation, Chloe is a determined student who has a long term goal of progressing on to the Level 2 and 3 Sports courses so that she can pursue a career in the sports industry. If she continues to work as hard as she does now I have no doubt that she will be successful.”

For more information about Sport courses at TyneMet, call and speak to a student advisor on 0191 229 5000, email enquiries@tynemet.ac.uk or visit www.tynemet.ac.uk/sport