Students from the Preperation for Life and Work department played perfect guest show hosts when senior BBC Newcastle Reporter, Colin Briggs visited TyneMet to talk about his experiences as a Newsreader, Journalist and of course meeting celebrities!

The Reporter was invited by student, David Eyre who wrote an inspirational letter to Colin asking if he would come in and talk to the students about his life and work as a Newsreader. David said: “I’m an avid fan of Colin Briggs, I always make sure to watch the news, I’ve actually met Colin before with my Mum at the BBC Newcastle studios, it was a great day out and I found it very interesting – I wrote the letter in my English lesson and was so surprised when Colin said yes to visiting me and my friends at College!”

David was very overwhelmed and excited to see his favourite reporter visit and the students warmly welcomed Colin to TyneMet, the reporter presented a question and answer time with students using their best journalistic skills in an all-time exclusive to get the lowdown on the News Reporter – students were wowed to find out Colin’s brother is the voice of the Dr Who Daleks and that Mr Blobby himself has slept on his sofa!

When students asked detailed questions about Colin’s career in journalism he said: “It may sound cheesy but ever since I was small I always wanted to be a Reporter.  It’s an exciting fast paced world – I’ve been in the industry for 24 year years and loved every minute, starting off as a radio broadcaster, my journalistic background soon meant I was reading the news and from there I’ve never stopped -  It all makes up for the 4.30am starts!”

Colin was delighted with the students questioning techniques; adding: “When I received David’s letter I was highly impressed with his writing style – clear to read and simplisitic in its delivery - it was a lovely letter. I was thrilled to be invited by David to come along to his class, it’s been a wonderful day and the students have been excellent – their journalistic skills are top notch!”

Lynn Bentong, from the Additional Support Learning team said: “It’s fantastic to have Colin Briggs visit the College; it was a great turn out from the Preperation for Work and Life department and everyone had a fabulous time. Colin has been thoroughly entertaining – David was so pleased to see Colin and get his picture taken. For the students this was an excellent opportunity to develop their communication skills.”

You can catch Colin Briggs presenting BBC Look North morning news bulletins and keeping the region up to date in current affairs!