Approached by the OKO gallery, as the first solo exhibition from a British artist that Paul has hosted for eager audiences, this was an excellent opportunity to create an exhibition that resonated with Paul’s passion and love for European films, “What I adore about Czech film is the almost dream-like qualities projected within each still – from the colour palettes that are used to the vague narrative –it intrigues me. I was inspired by frames in the feature film ‘Valerie’s Week of Wonders’, a Czech film from 1970 and wanted to capture the beauty of  film from this era. As a painter I paint every day – in fact it’s an obsession.”

The exhibition ‘We are living in Paradise’ was a hit with Stuckist fans and Paul is now set to exhibit across major European destinations including London, Berlin and Prague:  “My work often relates to experiences in my life, memories that transfix into a contemporary creation. From a teaching perspective my goal is for students to not shy away from who they are and in doing so this will help them to find their own, true and original style of expression. With over 25 years of professional painting experience, what makes a great painter is one who is honest with their themselves and their work and in doing so will produce authentic work.”

For students of the Creative Studios, Paul’s experience as a working artist is an excellent opportunity to learn from a practicing individual, with a real knowledge of the industry and how hard work and self-belief can manifest into success. Paul, who has been teaching at the North Shields Campus for over a decade, added: “Within each of the courses I teach, we are always looking at what the individual person is good at and what they enjoy doing – this can always help to stem and generate ideas, ideas being the lifeblood of creativity.”

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