This was the first game in which Gregor Gray and Danny Horta-Darrington have been called up alongside full –time Newcastle Eagles player, Eddie Mathews. In an exhilarating game in which all players shone; Gregor Gray said: “It felt really good to play together again; we all became firm friends at NESA. The times we had on and off the court have helped us to become the papers we are today and the coaching we had through NESA was paramount in this – throughout the programme we identified our strengths and areas we needed to improve on, there was unlimited opportunities to progress and the support was incredible – all which has helped me develop as a player.”

The audience cheered as the players united and played incredibly well together; TyneMet’s Health and Fitness Manager, Chris Bunten who was involved in coaching and training the players whilst they studied said: “This is a really proud moment for TyneMet – to witness Eddie, Danny and Gregor play together and do tremendously well in a sport they have worked so hard for highlights the success of our longstanding partnership with the Newcastle Eagles and I look forward to seeing rising stars of the future making it on the court.”

The NESA Basketball programme provides students of all abilities, supporting players at any level of the game with dedicated coaches that work hard to maximise athletic potential.  Gregor Gray who previously studied a Level 3 Diploma in Sport at TyneMet said: “We were all really excited to be playing together again; this was the first time we had all been on the Eagles court together – it was an exhilarating experience to play in front of so many fans, family and friends.”