Tyne Metropolitan College, working in collaboration with Chirton Engineering, Tyne North Training and North Tyneside Council is delighted to announce the official launch of the North East Advanced Machining Academy (NEAMA).

This unique collaboration and dedicated NEAMA training centre marks further commitment to supporting the region’s engineering expertise; securing a staggering £1.6 million of grant and sponsorship funding to propel aspiring engineers into a great career whilst boosting the local economy.

NEAMA will deliver specialist precision engineering training and support in new state-of-the-art facilities on the Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate, which will benefit students across the region wishing to train in precision engineering, as well as professionals looking to re-train.

NEAMA students will be trained to the highest of standards, learning CNC machine tools and the principles of machining whilst gaining vital hands-on experience.

Precision engineering incorporates design and manufacture using the latest machining technology giving engineers a wide range of skills to design components, fixtures and other structures, often with exceptionally low tolerances and high end applications. The specialist machine training delivered at NEAMA will ensure that apprentices and other trainees are job ready and competent for the factory floor or machining centre.

This modern training facility in North Tyneside will be open and operational from 19th January 2015 to provide specialist training for new and existing apprentices and others. School leavers will be among those to reap the benefits with work-based apprenticeships on offer. Aspiring engineers at Key Stage 4 (14-16 year olds) will also be able to take part in activities and programmes of study at the Academy while undertaking GCSEs at their school. It also hoped that local engineering companies will be keen to become involved in the future planning and growth of NEAMA’s training and development programmes.

An ‘Industry Board’ will be set up and will place paramount importance on input from engineering companies who will help shape the specialist curriculum so that courses are developed not only for apprentices wishing to pursue a career in engineering, but also for professionals looking to re-train in this fast-paced industry.

Guests at the launch event included; Lord Shipley of Gosforth OBE, Janet Hunter, Chair of North Tyneside Council, Bill Midgley OBE, Chair of Governors, TyneMet College, Jon Vincent, Principal and Chief Executive TyneMet College, Audrey Kingham, Deputy Principal Curriculum and Business Development, Michael Needham, Chief Executive Officer, Tyne North Training, David Collins, Senior Training Officer, Tyne North Training and Michael Morris, Business Development, Chirton Engineering. These delegates were given technical demonstrations delivered by current TyneMet College and Tyne North Training engineering students.

Paul Stewart, Managing Director of Chirton Engineering LTD, who welcomed the guests to the event, was clearly thrilled that this unique and forward thinking collaboration, was striding forward – realising his vision of a dedicated centre for training and development in specialist engineering. Paul, said:

“The North East engineering sector will have the best trainees available - NEAMA will equip apprentices to become highly skilled precision engineers of the future by giving apprentices a much more in-depth first year of training.

“Highly skilled apprentices will arrive in the workplace with confidence as well as giving a quicker monetary return on the employer’s investment.”

Lord Shipley of Gosforth OBE, said:

“I am highly impressed with what NEAMA is aiming to achieve. I have seen a clear partnership in the integration of the Engineering industry, Apprenticeship Training and Further Education with a view to promoting growth in the area.

“There is a serious skills shortage in Engineering in the North East and we simply must increase the number of young people entering an engineering career.”

Bill Midgley OBE, Chair of Governors, TyneMet College, said:

“Launching NEAMA marks an exciting development to provide the much needed skills for North Tyneside and the wider region whilst also contributing to the success and competitiveness of local businesses. Importantly it will provide the base for many young people to follow a specialist engineering career.

“Quite simply there are not enough initiatives such as this.”

Jon Vincent, Principal and Chief Executive at Tyne Metropolitan College, said:

“NEAMA is an exciting opportunity not only for the College, but for students and the community as well.

“As the first college in the North of England to be awarded STEM assured status, recognising excellence across Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, TyneMet has already established itself as the go-to provider for these subjects. The creation of NEAMA feels like a natural next step after years of investment in engineering and the region.”

Michael Needham, Chief Executive, Tyne North Training, said:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for local employers to secure the essential skills needed to grow their business, create jobs and help drive apprenticeship opportunities for young people of the region. Tyne North Training recognises the skills needs of precision engineering companies and through NEAMA will work closely with employers to design apprenticeships and training programmes in order to meet those needs and urge employers to contact us to register an interest in the future development of NEAMA. It’s an exciting time for the precision engineering sector to secure its own future through NEAMA”.

If you are an employer and would like to know more about opportunities at NEAMA or how to become involved in the future design of apprenticeships and workforce development training as a member of the Industry Board, contact us at enquiries@neama.co.uk