A TyneMet College Engineering Lecturer and an Engineering student shaved their heads to raise nearly £800 for the MS Research & Relief Fund and the MS Society.

Engineering Lecturer Mel Catalanotto and Kieran Monaghan, 16, from Blyth, raised nearly £800 in sponsorship money - having their heads shaved by Hairdressing students at TyneMet College. The fantastic amount of money raised will be donated to the MS Research & Relief Fund and the MS Society..

Mel decided to undertake this challenge because his wife has Multiple Sclerosis and Kieran joined in because his Grandmother also has Multiple Sclerosis.

Two Hairdressing students, Charlie Smith, 19, from Killingworth and Bev McKenzie, 37, from Holycross, both studying on the Level 3 Hairdressing course at TyneMet were more than happy to be the ones to do the ‘shaving’.

Mel who had grown his hair over a period of months and had dyed it various colours along the way, had his yellow/orange hair first styled in to a giant Mohican and then shaved off bit by bit - Kieran watched in the mirror as his lovely styled dark hair was expertly shaved off.

The whole experience was extremely fun and TyneMet staff, students and friend of both Mel and Kieran were happy to donate to their sponsorship fund.

Mel said:

“When I came up with the idea of the sponsored ‘head shaving’ I wanted to make it as fun as possible for everyone involved and the College was happy to help me plan this venture.

“The hairdressing students were very professional and my Mohican was very impressive, it’s a shame I couldn’t keep it!

“I am delighted that Kieran and I have been able to raise nearly £800, it is a lot more than I expected.”

Joanne Hewison Head of Service and Business Enterprises, TyneMet College, said:

“When Mel approached me with his idea I contacted our Hairdressing Salon and they thought it would be an excellent experience for the students.

“On the day we all looked on in amazement as the hairdressing students started working on the pair with their clippers, in the end Mel’s Mohican stood at least 5 inches high!

“The hairdressing students Bev and Charlie performed well and Mel and Kieran were both willing models.

“This venture brought together departments in the College that would not normally interact on a day to day basis. I would like to thank everyone involved especially Mel for coming up with the idea in the first place!”

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