Jordan, who is studying a Level 1 Diploma in Uniformed Services, is focused on a career in the Army: “I’ve always loved sport but when I had my operation I couldn’t be very active and this led me to gaining a lot of weight quickly – I wasn’t very happy and it made me lethargic. I knew I had to do something about it. My course is physically challenging and is equipping my for a career in the Army, so it’s essential that I’m at my fittest and I was determined to not let my weight stop my career goals.”

Jordan joined the Flex Fitness Gym on the College campus with the main focus being to lose weight, but he added that the Flex Fitness team have been inspirational in helping him to maintain a healthy lifestyle: “The team have helped me in so many ways, from using equipment effectively to creating a personal fitness programme – Chris, Sam and Carl have been instrumental in my education to maintaining a balanced, healthier lifestyle.”

Sam Cooper, Apprentice Sport Technician at Flex Fitness, said: “When Jordan started coming into the gym I noticed he would ask a lot of questions and show a real interest in fitness so we set up some circuit training sessions for him. He just went for it! From this we looked at the optimum training methods that would be right for Jordan, taking into account his vertebrae injury to get the best results. As a Flex Fitness member, Jordan’s weight loss highlights the commitment and dedication Jordan has demonstrated at every stage through his journey – he has been a delight to work with and we are all thrilled that Jordan has lost nearly two stone since joining Flex Fitness.”

Jordan has never tried a tailored fitness plan before but on the advice and guidance of the Flex Fitness team he felt prepared and equipped to go for it. “Flex Fitness created a plan that was both realistic and helped me to achieve my weight loss goals whilst taking into account my injury. Not only have my fitness levels significantly improved, the team gave me advice on nutrition so I now know the right foods to eat – I’ve swapped unhealthy foods for better choices and go to the gym on a regular basis. Flex Fitness provides you with so much encouragement and friendly support, it really is a great gym” Jordan added.

Carl Noble, Apprentice Sport Technician at Flex Fitness said: “From experience – gym members who follow a structured plan tend to lose more weight, are more motivated and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle when they have professional advice – Jordan is a great example of this and a true advocate of how training in the right way can pay off."

Flex Fitness on TyneMet’s Coast Road Campus in Wallsend is available for students and all members of the community to use – with competitive membership rates and a wealth of fitness expertise in a newly refurbished gym, Flex is the place to go for a fitter, healthier you! For more information about Flex, call 0191 229 5103.