Auditory, Visual or Kinesthetic?

Whatever your learning type you can learn for less with TyneMet’s student device scheme; with discounts of up to 35% for students purchasing a mobile device.


The three most common learning types:

-          Auditory ( prefer to listen and possibly recite information)

-          Visual (Learn best through videos, demonstrations or reading information)

-          Kinesthetic Learners (Process information through experience, touch for example)

Learning can take many shapes and forms and everybody is different.  Most people use a combination of all three but some have a preference or learn better through one type of learning style.  Your natural learning preference can be developed through self-study, and what could be better than the flexibility to access 24/7 learning in a style that suits you, wherever you are, whatever the time of day.

Being able to access course resources or materials couldn’t be easier with the TyneMet Student Device Scheme. Students now have the opportunity to purchase a range of mobile devices such as laptops and iPads discounted at up to 35% cheaper than your average high street retailer.  With big names such as Apple, Dell and Lenovo available, you can bring the classroom to you!

In conjunction with Instar Digital, who work with the UK’s leading hardware suppliers, lenders and specialist insurance companies, TyneMet has developed this innovative scheme to help students to gain access to equipment that may otherwise be out of reach.

As a student friendly scheme; full warranty is guaranteed including a protection policy for accidental damage and theft, there are no credit checks and set up is a simple monthly direct debit. It’s even possible to buy the device outright and still benefit from the discount!

In this exciting digital age we understand that our students need to be equipped with skills that will take them from the classroom and beyond. Tyne Metropolitan College is dedicated to promoting learning beyond the classroom; the library is well stocked with e-learning tools, to aid learning development enhancing traditional learning styles.

Andrew Carr, Deputy Director of Finance and IT, said: “With a wide choice of comprehensive packages to suit all budgets, this is an excellent opportunity for full-time students to benefit from purchasing a mobile device at a discounted rate. It is very important that the College provides accessible and realistic ways for our learners to get the most out of their learning – this scheme, in partnership with Instar Digital, has allowed us to do just this and the feedback from our students so far has been very positive.” 

Power your learning with the TyneMet Student Device Scheme - for more information please contact 08456 432 671 or email