Five candidates from opposing parties will deliver an introductory address and be subject to a question time from the audience in a bid for the role as MP in our local constituencies which has been organised by the College. The public is invited to attend the political events which will take place on the 21st April at Tyne Metropolitan College’s Coast Road Campus and the Tynemouth constituency Hustings will be held on 30th April at the Queen Alexandra Campus in North Shields. Both event times are 6-8pm.

North Tyneside constituencies’ candidates include: Martin McGann (Conservative), for the Green Party Martin Collins or Julia Erskine, Mary Glindon (Labour), John Appleby (Liberal Democrats) and Scott Hartley (UKIP). At the Tynemouth constituency, party candidates attending include: Glen Hall (Conservative), Martin or Julia Erskine (Green), Alan Campbell (Labour), Nigel Huscroft (Liberal Democrats) and Gary Legg (UKIP).  

Also contesting the North Tyneside constituency but  not represented at the Hustings Event will be Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and the National Front.

Parliamentary hopefuls have been invited by Chief Executive and Principal, Jon Vincent who said: “It’s an honour for the College to host the Hustings events and we welcome our students, staff and the public to attend. We also look forward to Mary Coyle MBE as chairperson, a valued and respected person within our community.”

Admissions to the event will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Questions for the panel must be submitted in advance, please email stating the event you will be attending.