TyneMet College was pleased to be involved in the North Tyneside Council’s ‘Climbing Ladders and Smashing Ceilings’ project. Year 8 school pupils from Norham High School and Churchill Community College attended two days of workshops at TyneMet College to learn all about renewable energy and then were given the opportunity to visit and have a tour of Siemens training centre.

The interactive sessions, delivered by TyneMet Engineering Teacher, Gary Eiles, were designed to give the pupils an appreciation of wind turbine technology and the opportunity to engage in practical workshops around the topics of wind power and output. They also looked at blade design and key terminology.

Following their sessions at TyneMet and their visit to the Siemens training centre the pupils were given the task of consolidating all that they had learned to design and build a wind turbine that could measure power output.

The students celebrated the end of the project at Marden CLC where Gary was asked to judge which school had designed the best wind turbine. Both schools has submitted some excellent models - Gary found it hard to choose an overall winner and the competition was classed as a draw.

Gary Eiles, Engineering Teacher, TyneMet College said:

“The students were very enthusiastic and competitive and all came up with interesting designs.

“These sessions helped the pupils to understand the link between the activities they do in the classroom every day with engineering concepts. In this way they can identify how STEM fits in the world around them and the actions they take.”