The Women’s Football team at TyneMet were invited to represent England in the European Street Soccer Championship and compete for the Fair Play Award 2015.  The competition, which was held in Germany, advocates a shared experience of sport.

The trip to Germany, organised in partnership with North Tyneside Council and StreetGames, was a fantastic opportunity for selected students from TyneMet’s North East Sports Academy (NESA) to participate in a once in a life time experience. Lauren Driver, who is studying a BTEC Extended Diploma in Sport at the College, said: “Alongside playing great football, I met people from different countries and learnt about their cultures and how they differ to mine, which gave me an insight into how people in other countries live. I was really excited to be picked for the trip and it was such an enjoyable experience.”

Lauren, who also currently plays for Newcastle United FC, added: “TyneMet has given me so many wonderful opportunities in my football career that I would never have dreamt of. I have had the chance to play at St George’s Park National Football Park, I have competed in a national women’s tournament in Cornwall and I have now been to Germany and represented England in a European Street Soccer Championship.  Gaining this particular experience was amazing as I have never had an opportunity like this before.”

Students from across Europe had the unique opportunity to socialise and communicate through games, activities and workshops with many of the NESA Women’s Football Team staying in contact with other players through social media accounts.

TyneMet’s Sport Coach, Sarah Bennett, said: “The girls we put forward for the Germany trip have achieved remarkable things – they have great attendance, determination and are committed to their studies alongside training, which is why they were rewarded with the chance to play at the championships. The girls have worked very hard to raise funds for their flights and expenses with numerous fundraising ventures. The European Street Soccer Championship is an incredible showcase of how sport and football reaches the hearts of all nationalities and brings together people from a wide range of backgrounds.”

The competition was founded over fifteen years ago to signify football as a global communicator, bringing together people from around the world - from different backgrounds, ethnicities and communities - to play, united through football.   

Over twenty nations participated to raise awareness and support fair play, equal opportunities and diversity through sportsmanship. TyneMet enjoyed coming in second in the tournament against Kosovo – a fair play after all!