Human rights abuses in Syria, the disappearance of over 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria, the horrors of North Korean prison camps and the struggle to survive for the Palestinian people - images from these, and many other areas of conflict, flicker across our TV screens on a daily basis, reminding us of the wider world we live in and hopefully make us all think a bit too. In the case of a group of Queen Alexandra Sixth Form students, it also made them determined to act to try and make a difference by promoting the work of Amnesty International

The QA students, recently organised their first fundraising event , an ‘Amnestea;’ ,an event where tea, coffee and  cakes were on sale to staff and other students at the College. Information about Amnesty campaigns in the form of leaflets created by members of the group were handed out at the event to inform students and staff of current human rights abuses and the campaigns that Amnesty are currently involved in. The event was a fantastic success.

The money  raised will not only cover the cost of the students becoming official members of Amnesty International but some will also be sent to Amnesty International  to help finance the work being carried out around the world.

The group intends to delve deeper into the current affairs which they want to bring to the attention of others and will be doing this through holding regular meetings, organising more events  and by bringing in guest speakers. They have also scheduled sessions to become involved in ‘Writing for Rights, a campaign by Amnesty that involves writing to politicians and those who have been wrongfully imprisoned to bring about change.

Denise Bolton, Head of Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College, said:

“This group of students have committed themselves to making a difference to the lives of other people. It is a pleasure to see that young people in the region are proactive in making a contribution to ending the abuse of human rights.”

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