An exciting new partnership from TyneMet and consultancy experts, Hardy AVARR has led to a brand new course for businesses impacted by onshore and offshore environments. The process safety course, ‘Essential for Effective HAZOP study Participants’ offers an effective insight into how to prepare for, be effective in, and follow-up HAZOP studies (a hazard and operability study). The course is also accredited by the IChemE for quality and content to enhance competence.

Hardy AVARR’s Consultants have extensive experience in working with a wide range of sectors to implement positive change by improving the performance of organisations - with an integral focus on innovative solutions and corporate governance. The course ‘Essential for Effective HAZOP study Participants ’ embeds the value of vital planning and evaluation which is a major factor in HAZOP. Managing Director of Hardy Avarr, David Hardy explains: “Developing the course in partnership with TyneMet has been a really exciting process, we’ve worked hard to ensure the HAZOP training is relevant to both beginners and those with more of an advanced level of understanding of HAZOP. The course offers a unique approach - as an interactive workshop focusing on scenario based learning and real experiences of the HAZOP environment that help delegates gain a deeper understanding of techniques whilst building observational skills.”

The training course is the first of its kind in North Tyneside because of the tailored approach it delivers that is sensitive to the intricacies of process planning. David added: “We chose to work with TyneMet because of their renowned experience in employer engagement; this course offers a brilliant insight into the principles of HAZOP and how to best apply them.”

McCourt Cordingley, Systems Development Manager; Strategic Corrosion Management who attended the course in March said: “HAZOP is a specialised area and this course has given me a better understanding of applications that will equip me well when dealing with clients. It’s a remarkable course that digs deep into specific HAZOP incident scenarios.”

Mark Bell, Managing Director from Hazardous Consulting LTD said: “This course really grabbed my attention as it covers every aspect of HAZOP from a continuous professional development perspective. The learning style was attractive with a good mix of discussions, scenarios and interactive workshops, the course presenter Dr Mike Orley is really engaging and informative, delivering solid HAZOP techniques. My clients are often concerned with the HAZOP infrastructure in their own workplace – to be able to really drill down into HAZOP studies mean this course is invaluable and I’d thoroughly recommend it to others within the industry.”

Mick Burton, Head of Engineering, Construction and IT at TyneMet, said: “The course has been designed to offer a broad based insight into HAZOP whilst gaining a recognised qualification. We are delighted to work with Hardy AVARR - as a well-established leading consultant in the onshore and offshore industry, their skills and expertise in the sector makes them a first choice for HAZOP training. We’ve worked closely with Hardy AVARR to provide a well-rounded delivery of concepts and techniques that truly benefit the onshore and offshore sector and we look forward to embarking upon the next project.”

For more information regarding HAZOP training courses please call TyneMet’s Gateway team on 0191 229 5000 or email